ANNU PRO AUDIO - AKAI MPC 500 Music Production Sampler / Drum Machine 128MB  (USED)
ANNU PRO AUDIO - AKAI MPC 500 Music Production Sampler / Drum Machine 128MB  (USED)
ANNU PRO AUDIO - AKAI MPC 500 Music Production Sampler / Drum Machine 128MB  (USED)

ANNU PRO AUDIO - AKAI MPC 500 Music Production Sampler / Drum Machine 128MB (USED)

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(USED AND IN GOOD CONDITION) Some scratches, blemishes, and normal wear and tear consistent with used items, all in functioning and good condition.        Does not come with usb cords, box, adapter, or software. You can download the DAW software or documentation for WIN/OSX using this link


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MPC500 is the first portable MPC. You can sample and create music wherever inspiration strikes: on the subway, on the plane, or even at the beach! Whether you're traveling around the globe or just across town, MPC500 is a perfect fit for your backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase. Beats and productions created in MPC500 can be dropped into your computer via USB or into your main MPC with the swappable CF card when you get back into the studio.

MPC500 is a 48-track sequencer with a 32-voice stereo sampler. It has 12 velocity and pressure-sensitive rubber MPC pads. 16MB of memory comes standard and can be expanded up to 128MB. When connected to a Mac or PC via USB, you can drag and drop data between the computer and your MPC500's CF card, just like a hard drive. Because MPC500 is compatible with other MPCs, MPC500 is the perfect way to extend your studio into your mobile lifestyle.


  • Compact Flash: Type-II
  • support up to 2GB card
  • 16MB installed
  • Can be expanded to 128MB with EXM-128
Analog Input/Output
  • (2) Balanced 1/4" Inputs
  • (2) Balanced 1/4" Outputs
  • (1) Headphone Output
MID Input/Output
  • (1) MIDI Input [5-pin DIN]
  • (1) MIDI Output [5-pin DIN]
Other Input/Output
  • (1) USB [Storage Support]
  • Analog Input = +10dBu
  • Analog Output = +5dBu
Sampler Resolution
  • 16bit/44.1kHz
Sampler Recording Time
  • 136sec [16MB/MONO]
  • 24min 28sec [128MB/MONO]
Sequencer Details
  • 100,000 notes resolving at 96ppq
  • 99 Sequences with total 48 tracks per seq
  • 20 Songs with total 250 steps per song
  • 24 "Active (loaded)" Programs max
Pad Details
  • 12 (velocity and pressure sensitive)
  • 4 Pad Banks [A, B, C, D]
  • MIDI Clock only
Power Options
  • 12V DC 500mA pin-negative power adapter (included)
  • (6) AA batteries [lasts about 4.5hrs continuous use w/backlight ON]
  • 10.47" x 1.73" x 6.89"
  • 266mm x 175mm x 44mm
Weight (net)
  • 2.93 lbs / 1.34 kg
Data Compatibility
  • MPC1000: SEQ, WAV, PGM
  • MPC2000/2000XL: SEQ (saved as MID file only), WAV, SND, PGM (Most parameters of PGM file can be loaded.)
  • MPC2500: SEQ, WAV, PGM
  • MPC4000: SEQ (saved as MID file only), WAV, AKP (DRUM program only...No Keygroups. Only note assign and tune are loaded.)
  • MPC3000: SND (THRU Computer)
  • Z4/Z8: WAV, PGM (DRUM program only. Only note assign and tune are loaded.)
  • S5000/6000: WAV only (THRU Computer)
  • S1000/3000: No compatibility


  • Battery powered (6 AAs) or wall powered (AC adapter included)
  • Pattern-based 48-track sequencer with 16 MIDI channels
  • 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM
  • Velocity and pressure-sensitive pads for responsive, accurate programming
  • 12-level function places one sound on all pads with progressive level or tuning per pad
  • Compact Flash drive and USB port (Mass Storage Class)
  • Support for standard WAV files and MIDI sequences
  • Analog I/O, headphone output, MIDI I/O
  • Sounds included to get started quickly
  • Four-way sample layering and velocity switching per pad
  • Low-pass filter with resonance per voice
  • On-board effects: two stereo effects and a master effect